2020 Regional Consultation Meeting – Exploring the Future of Humanitarian Response in Asia and the Pacific


This regional consultation meeting aims to bring together key humanitarian actors – local and national NGOs, INGOs, NGO networks, Red Cross and Crescent Movement, UN agencies, academics and beyond, for a focused discussion to share their perspectives on how emergency preparedness and humanitarian response would be delivered in the changing context and in this connection, what it would mean to the key actors in Asia and the Pacific region.
This topic is not new, but the strike of COVID-19 has probably made it more relevant to all and resulted in new implications for humanitarian actors as we embrace more shared vulnerabilities and consequently more shared responsibility.
There are many uncertainties lying ahead. On one hand, the pandemic is forcing a further change in the business model into accepting more localized leadership and partnerships; while on the other, it has also exposed the fragility of the humanitarian sector’s own systems when it comes to sustainability and resilience. Such a consultative meeting is thus important in this regard to ensure the preparation for and response to emergencies and other humanitarian crises continue to be relevant and resilient in the future.
As the co-organizers of the meeting, ADRRN and ICVA will also benefit from the discussions to shape up their respective 10-year strategy for 2030, and more specifically, to understand how they could support their members to navigate themselves in the new normal in Asia and the Pacific’s context as well as how to continue to unfold more people-centered and effective ways of collaboration and partnerships in the years to come.
Date and time
15:00-17:00 (Bangkok time)
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