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ADRRN membership is open to national NGOs with headquarter in Asia-Pacific region and working in the field of climate change adaptation and disaster reduction and response. The network has emerged as an important point of reference for CSO engagement for the international humanitarian community and is an entry-point to the wider civil society in the region.


International and national NGOs


Countries across the Asia-Pacific region

ADRRN's bridging role could involve connecting local and international actors to learn more about each other’s ways of working and building long-term associations between organizations. More formally, it involves facilitating coordination between national networks and international actors.

Application for membership

After consideration of the Statues and by-laws of the ADRRN and being in agreement with the aims and the responsibilities incurred by membership, the organisation whose particulars and description appear in this application form hereby requests admission to membership with ADRRN.

1. Basic information


2. About the organization

3. Details about the organization

Supporting documents

The following documents should be upload together for applying membership only:

1. Statutes, constitution, charter, or similar document.
2. Statement of organizational aims and objectives.
3. Proof of non-governmental and non-profit organization legal status.
4. Most recent annual report / financial statement including sources of funding and donors (audited if available).
5. Composition of executive body or equivalent (names and institutional affiliations); indicating if there are any government officers on your board or in your staff.
6. Has your organization signed a code of conduct or similar document? If you have signed such a document, please provide a copy along with the application.

All fields must be filled in before consideration by ADRRN.
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