2020 Regional Humanitarian Partnership Events


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Join ADRRN and partners for a 3 months online journey comprised of a series of consultations and webinars that will bring key humanitarian and development actors for a focused discussion to share their perspectives on how disaster risk reduction, emergency preparedness and humanitarian response should transform in this changing context, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
November 2020
Future of Humanitarian Response in Asia and the Pacific
This regional consultation meeting aims to bring together key humanitarian actors – local and national NGOs, INGOs, NGO networks, Red Cross and Crescent Movement, UN agencies, academics and beyond, for a focused discussion to share their perspectives on how emergency preparedness and humanitarian response would be delivered in the changing context and in this connection, what it would mean to the key actors in Asia and the Pacific region. This topic is not new, but the strike of COVID-19 has probably made it more relevant to all and resulted in new implications for humanitarian actors as we embrace more shared vulnerabilities and consequently more shared responsibility.
November – December 2020
Localization, Innovation, Quality and Accountability, CBDRRM, Response Preparedness and more
ADRRN thematic hubs and interested stakeholders will hold to thematic webinars bring key emerging issue(s), which the outcome will feed into policy paper (below). Interested stakeholders are requested to contact the organizers.
November – December 2020
Summary of 3-months discussion
December 2020
Towards New Strategy: Make the Decade Count! (for ADRRN members and partners)
January 2021
An in-depth policy paper based from the national and regional consultative meetings
As part of the 2020 Regional Humanitarian Partnership Events, an in-depth analytical research will be conducted along with the national and regional consultative meetings as described above. A policy paper will be produced based on this research process. Each meeting/consultation mentioned above will produce a set of recommendations towards the sector in the region, which will feed into the policy paper.
ADRRN: Takeshi Komino (t.Komino@cwsjapan.org)
ICVA: Keya Saha-Chaudhury (keya.sahachaudhury@icvanetwork.org)
OCHA: Daniel Gilman (gilmand@un.org)

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