Its influence and reach is considerably enhanced through collaboration with national-level networks, global networks, regional multilateral stakeholders and UN agencies.

ADRRN strikes a balance between informality and a strong effective governance system. Regular election proceedings and a functional secretariat serve as a strong backbone to our work.

Executive Committee

What we do

The ADRRN Executive Committee represents a wide-range of leaders from various network members who directs, lead, advise and move the resilience agenda forward within and beyond the network across the Asia-Pacific region and globally.

Takeshi Komino

ADRRN Secretary General
General Secretary, CWS Japan
Dr. Heng Aik Cheng

ADRRN Executive Member
Vice President, MERCY Malaysia
Dr. Amod Mani Dixit

ADRRN Chairperson
President, National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET)
Mayfourth D. Luneta

Mr. Hanan Hussain

to be updated

ADRRN Executive Member
President, Muslim Culture for Foundation and Development (MFCD)
Ms. Anastasia Maylinda Titilestari

to be updated

ADRRN Executive Member
Manager of Information and Communications and DRR and CCA focal point, YAKKUM Emergency Unit (YEU)

“ADRRN served and will continue to serve, as a vehicle of ensuring local voices and local talents are reflected in collective humanitarian and disaster risk reduction efforts. With so much emphasis on local stakeholders and local action, ADRRN will strive to be a true catalyst to make this happen.”

— Takeshi Komino, Country Representative, CWS Japan


What we do

The ADRRN Secretariat serves as a support entity to the network and reports to the Executive Committee. The Secretariat is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Kathmandu, Nepal. The Secretariat works under the direction of the Executive Committee. It is led and managed by the Coordinator who is directly responsible to the Executive Committee.


The civil society voice of Asia

ADRRN membership is open to national NGOs with headquarter in Asia-Pacific region and working in the field of climate change adaptation and disaster reduction and response.

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