Assessment of Floods in Balochistan by CRDO


This year, Since June 14th 2022 Pakistan received 77 percent more rains. As a result, a spell of heavy rainfall in Balochistan, which resulted in extreme flash floods afterwards. Pakistan has been experiencing heavy monsoon rains lately. Although these heavy rains are experienced across Pakistan, but this time it has been severely affecting the
Province of Balochistan.

Our member Community Research & Development Organization (CRDO) has done assessment and reports there has been huge losses both for livestock and agriculture as Balochistan is the largest province in terms of geographic and smallest one in terms of population.

Detailed assessment report can be downloaded here: Assessment of Balochistan’s floods. CRDO seeks support and cooperation for disaster resilience.

For more details please contact:
Mr. Imran InamCommunity Research & Development Organization (CRDO)Contact: 0346-7773336Email:

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