New Additions to the ADRRN Executive Committee 2021


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Welcome aboard to our new and returning Executive Committee members! We look forward to working with everyone, who boasts a wide range of humanitarian and DRR experiences and skills, bringing that much-needed expertise to the table, in order to meet our goals of making Asia the most disaster-resilient region by 2030!

Ms. Meghna Chawla
Head of Communications, SEEDS India

Nominee brief

Ms. Meghna has over 18 years of experience in the communications profession. She’s run social sector campaigns, developed innovative behaviour change communication materials and collaborated on training and advocacy components for research uptake. With a blend of advertising and social sector experience, Meghna brings vast knowledge of a range of communication strategies and the ability to deliver to context. Meghna has a Bachelor in Fine Arts from College of Art, Delhi, and a Masters in Business Administration.

Reason for nomination

Ms. Meghna is the right candidate for a position in the ADRRN Executive Committee as she brings with her long and rich experience of working in the DRR and humanitarian sector. As Head of Communications, she has led many successful campaigns at SEEDS. She has also been one of the principal co-organisers in ADRRN’s Asian Local Leaders Forum for Disaster Resilience (ALL4DR) and other campaigns such as “Road to Sendai”. Her expertise in communications, understanding of international cultures and strong grassroots experience will make her ideal candidate for a position in the prestigious ADRRN Executive Committee.

Ms. Anastasia Maylinda Titlesari
Manager of Information and Communications and DRR and CCA focal point, YAKKUM Emergency Unit (YEU)

Nominee brief

Ms Anastasia Maylinda Titilestari (Linda) has been working in humanitarian interventions since May 2006 with her enrolment in YAKKUM Emergency Unit (YEU), and has been managing more than 5 emergencies as well as humanitarian projects across Indonesia funded by various donors. 

She has engaged in the Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) program since 2012 with her role in managing coastal resilience project in West Papua, followed by her role in implementing and monitoring climate adaptive farming project in Yogyakarta province. Both were carried out through community-based approach. 

The experiences of working in different emergencies and CCA settings in the country contributed in her appointment to represent the organization, such as in UNFCCC Conference of Parties (CoP) since 2017. In her engagement in the regional level, she is currently co-chairing the Community of Practice (CoP) on DRR and CCA for ACT Alliance Asia-Pacific.

Reason for nomination

With her 15 years experiences and knowledge on emergency response, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, she can contribute in aligning local practices with broader context and perspective in strengthening and enhancing disaster management, response capacities and resilience building.

Mr. Hanan Hussain
President, Muslim Culture for Foundation and Development (MFCD)

Nominee brief

Mr. Hanan is currently the President of the Muslim Foundation for Culture and Development (MFCD) and has degrees (B.Com (Spcl) and MBS) from the University of Colombo and a CFA (CBSL) from MAAT. He also possesses  a certificate of completion in Designing a Multidimensional Poverty Index from UNDP and a certificate in Creative Diplomacy by the Regional Centre for Strategic studies. He has writing contribution in the field of Economics and International Affairs and was a delegate to the World Humanitarian Summit.

Reason for nomination

Mr. Hanan has more than 15 years of working experience in the field of humanitarian assistance holding different positions, from operational level to managerial level and has strong confidence in his managerial and social skills. At present he is leading a humanitarian organisation, MFCD Sri Lanka, at national level which enjoys many partnerships locally and internationally. He has also been continuously participating in all ADRRN platforms to voice the concepts and vision of the ADRRN. Mr. Hanan believes that becoming an ADRRN ExCo member will enhance the actions on the ground.

Ms. Sameera Noori
Deputy Director General, Citizens Organization for Advocacy and Resilience (CoAR)

Nominee brief

Sameera Noori has been working in the humanitarian response sectors. Since 2013 and also as a civil society activist, as a founding member of Asian Local Leaders Organization for Humanitarian Aid (ALLOHA) established in 2017. Meanwhile working as Deputy for Director General at CoAR and  as well as volunteer Partnership Officer for Civil Society Empowerment Network (CEN) in Afghanistan. 

Reason for nomination

Since 2013 as a young humanitarian worker, she has been engaged in number of DRR and disaster response projects, environmental awareness and protection trainings and events, and participated in number of national, regional and international events which further added value to her experience and since then has been motivated to create a new platform where there can be an exchange and transfer of knowledge and experience regarding the DRR and environmental issues especially to other young local intellectuals, as the local communities are the first responders to any disasters in the community – this is particularly important with the issue of climate change and DRR within the scope of humanitarianism. Sameera would like to expand her learning opportunities from the ADRRN network at the higher levels and share her experiences from working in humanitarianism in her region. 

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