Civil Society Organisations Responding to COVID‐19: a Critical Role and How to Support It


An interactive webinar co‐hosted by Dr. Terry Gibson at Inventing Futures, and Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN).
Dr. Terry Gibson, has conducted a study among Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with major question on “What part might Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), particularly those working closely with local communities, play in the long‐term response to and recovery from COVID-19?”
The focus of the study was on relatively small CSOs working at national or local level, who have a rich understanding of local contexts and needs as well as links to local and national government as well as other agencies and institutions.
The webinar presents the draft of these findings and action points and invites your contributions and insights to refining them, as well as recommendations for communicating them.
The webinar is scheduled on Wednesday 17th March at 0900* hrs GMT (UTC). If you wish to join us kindly registered in Zoom link below:
*(i.e. 10:00 West Africa time 12:00 East Africa Time, 14:30 India time, 14:45 Nepal time, 17:00 Philippines time)

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