ADRRN Solidarity Statement With the People in Myanmar


We at ADRRN express concern over the recent events in Myanmar in light of increasing reports of unrest and violence amongst all parties and especially with regards to civilians, the very people all stakeholders are trying their hardest to protect and serve.
As a network of humanitarian NGOs, we have member organisations carrying out humanitarian efforts within the country, and the recent developments that neglect the freedom of will and peace and security of the people are not helping in any way in addressing the needs of the most vulnerable in the country.
ADRRN envisions that our region, Asia, to be the most disaster resilient region by 2030, and various initiatives are undertaken towards this ambitious vision. The central foundation to this is always the agency of the people who understand the risk, and take action to mitigate the risk. If the will of the people are neglected, the whole concept of disaster risk reduction would be a failure.
ADRRN expresses its whole-hearted solidarity with the people in Myanmar, their agency, their values, and their decisions. And we pray for the safety of all individuals.
ADRRN Executive Committee
March 4, 2021

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