HOPE Worldwide-Pakistan Capacity Building Workshops


HOPE Worldwide-Pakistan initiated a project for the capacity building of its member organizations and other CBOs in Pakistan. The project is funded with its totally indigenous funding from HOPE to support the local organizations to enhance their capacities and contribute to the local communities in an effective manner.
The initiative is in continuation of the organization’s efforts for empowerment, social justice and protection of the fundamental human rights, enabling these organizations to respond effectively to the community needs at the grass root level. It is also a contribution towards the localization agenda at local level.
As a member organization of the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network, HOPE is committed towards enhancing local capacities, improve networking and building on the strengths of the local organizations.
The project will comprise of series of capacity building trainings encompassing all essential aspects i.e. Program Development, Proposal Writing, Project Cycle Management, Monitoring & Evaluation and Institutional Development.
First workshop of its kind was held in Jhelum Pakistan on 31st October 2020. Further consecutive workshops are going to be held in the months of December 2020 and February 2021.
HOPE Worldwide-Pakistan is based in New Zealand. HOPE is a member organization of ADRRN and actively working to promote and build community resilience through education and capacity building.

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