Humanitarian Aid International (HAI) COVID-19 Response


India is now gradually reopening the country by easing restrictions on business, movement and other social affairs. As we enter into the “un-lockdown”, the threat of COVID-19 continues to persist. The journey we are embarking upon to return to normalcy amidst an unprecedented pandemic that has ravaged the social, economic and political order across the world is in no way an easy one. The novel challenges that have come forth during this period include lack of food security for vulnerable populations and lack of the necessary means to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as health and hygiene facilities. Further, we are now witnessing difficulties on the economic front as rural and urban poor attempt to restart small businesses with depleted capital, lack of opportunities in the informal sector, lack of demand in the market, etc.
In the midst of such crisis, HAI continues with its relief efforts while also strategizing for long-term plans for restoring normalcy. HAI’s activities have also expanded to the states of Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra and Karnataka. In addition to that, HAI is engaged in global advocacy through Alliance for Empowering Partnerships (A4EP) and Charter4Change. Through these platforms, HAI has successfully influenced the UN’s Global Humanitarian Response Plan, its revision process and the forthcoming World Disaster Report.

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