Promotion of Seismic Retrofitting in High Earthquake Risk Communities


This webinar is organized with the primary purpose to disseminate current knowledge and practice of improving seismic performance of existing buildings and other structures by discussing on the significance of seismic retrofitting as an essential intervention measure for earthquake risk reduction, elaborate on the research and development on retrofitting across the Asian region, interface the scientific advancements into practical applications in at-risk communities and learn from the success and failures of past interventions to shape the way in the future. For this, the webinar will cover the following major questions:

1. Where does seismic retrofitting lie in the spectrum of intervention and efforts to reduce earthquake risk?

2. What techniques and technologies in seismic retrofitting have been developed in the region that provide a positive outlook on earthquake risk reduction?

3. How can retrofitting technologies be better devised to incorporate the needs as well as limitations of at-risk communities?

4. What are the roles of DRR scholars and practitioners and governments in aiding the promotion of retrofitting across the region?

5. What can we learn from the interventions in seismic retrofitting across the Asian region and how can we utilize them in future disaster preparedness and recovery programs?

Host organization: NSET-Nepal

Expected output:

Consensus process and framework for promoting seismic retrofitting in developing countries.

Date and time:

30 November 2020, 12:45-14:45 (Nepal time) / 14:00-16:00 (Bangkok time)

Registration link:

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