Central Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami – Update 7


The official death toll has risen to 1,571 but thousands more are feared dead as aid workers continue to struggle to reach the worst hit areas of Donggala and the Balaroa region. Displaced person has also risen to an estimated 71,000 people along with 2,550 people injured. Current needs are:
1. WASH – Running water is still not available due to infrastructure damage. People are dependent on the clean water supply provided by NGOs. Supplies are limited.
2. Food Security – All shops and supply chain has completely shut down in Palu City and the surrounding area. People are depending on humanitarian assistance by NGOs and less affected locals.
3. Shelter and Non-Food Items – Shelter is a major need, with over 66,000 displaced. Transit homes can house the families until they have recovered enough to rebuild their damaged homes.
4. Health Primary Health – Clinic has been setup in Silae and Talise. Services such as Primary Health Care and wound care are being provided and data on disease prevalence and surveillance data will be provided to the local health office.

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