Central Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami – Update 8


As of 6 October, 1,649 people are known to have died following the earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi. A further 2,550 people have been seriously injured and are hospitalized, and 265 people are still missing, according to figures released by the national disaster management agency, BNPB. Buildings, including houses, shops, mosques and hotels, have collapsed, been swept away, or suffered extensive damage. An estimated 67,000 houses have been damaged and almost 62,400 people are currently displaced.
According to BNPB, more than 2,700 schools have been damaged, in addition to heath facilities and water supply systems. According to BNPB, current priorities are for: evacuation, search and rescue; medical support, field hospitals and management of dead bodies, logistics distribution and distribution of food to IDPs; infrastructure recovery including roads, electricity, harbours, airports and telecommunication; fuel supplies; and facilitation of international assistance. Nine hospitals, one field hospitals and four naval hospital ships are providing health services.
In four isolated districts in Sigi, military is providing medical support using helicopters. In Donggala District, Kabelota Hospital is operating with the support of generator sets, clean water is still limited, and hazardous and toxic waste-processing facilities are unavailable due to lack of electricity. Incubators in health clinics have also been damaged.

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