The Pinnovation Academy declares top 15 proposals


Pinnovation Academy project is guided by the community-led development partnership towards reaching the impact that local innovation solutions reduce and prevent disaster risks in local communities. It aims to institutionalise the development of Filipino (Pinoy) innovations for Disaster Risk Reduction. With funding from UKAID, HIF-ELRHA and START Network, the Center for Disaster Preparedness implements the project in the Philippines, with support from the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN).

The nationwide call for local community innovators was out in August 2021 for developing and testing innovations from Luzon (possible focus is on earthquakes and volcanic eruptions), Visayas (typhoons and floods), and Mindanao (armed conflict and droughthubs. 

Innovators aligning with the persons with disabilities; indigenous peoples; women & LGBTQI+ children & youth; farmers & fisherfolk; small entrepreneurs and social enterprises; teachers & students sectors were given priority to support in developing innovation for themselves and their communities. 

We are happy to share the top 15 Pinnovations proposals from 67 applications received. Read here for more details on each selected proposal:

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