Apply to host a session at Regional Humanitarian Partnership Week in December 2022


The complications with the environment humanitarian work in the Asia-Pacific region grow larger due to climate change, political instability, economic downturn and shifting humanitarian spaces. It is the aim of the Regional Humanitarian Partnership Week to ensure that we are prepared to deal with these changing circumstances and be of best assistance to those in need.

The face-to-face Regional Humanitarian Partnership of 2022 being held by ADRRN, Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Church World Service Aisa (CWSA) and International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) will take place between 9th to 14th of December 2022. It will draw on the expertise of practitioners, advocates, academics, donors and other related partners.

Each day of the week has a different theme which hopes to spark discussions, highlight solutions/resources, lessons learned and good practices, and collaborations that have taken place to work on some of the most pressing issues in this region. The themes are as follows:

9 December: Humanitarian Conference, CHS regional consultation and launch of the State of the Humanitarian System Report.

12 December: the Nexus of DRR/humanitarian and Climate Change adaptation.

13 December: Operating in fragile and conflict-affected contexts and accountability to affected populations.

14 December: Developing effective partnerships (half a day).

This is a call for expression of interest to conduct a session on one of the themes mentioned above. The sessions can take place in diverse formats such as panel discussions, demonstrations, roundtables, debates. There is creative freedom to the structure of the session as far as it adheres to the themes. Sessions can be organised by anyone, but a variety of speakers and collaborators will be appreciated. As there are a limited number of slots available, only those who are selected will be notified.

Download the detailed guideline here

Contact for any clarification or queries:
ADRRN: Takeshi Komino,;
CWSA: Palwashay,;
ICVA: Asma Saleem,;
OCHA: Silke Banuelos-Kuang,; Daniel Gilman,

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