In February 2002, the Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) and UN-OCHA organised a regional workshop on networking and collaboration among Asian CSOs working in DRR. Held in Kobe, Japan, the workshop provided a forum to share views and experiences. What emerged was the great need for Asian CSOs to work more closely together, share information and learn from each other. It was from this that the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN) was born. 
Since 2002, ADRRN has rapidly evolved from an awareness focussed network to a regional voice in advocacy and capacity building issues as well. Its main aims have been to promote coordination, information sharing and collaboration among CSOs and other stakeholders for effective and efficient disaster reduction and response in the Asia-Pacific region.
ADRRN’s forward-looking vision focuses on transforming Asia’s resilience, moving from the most vulnerable to the most resilient region. It aims to achieve this goal by 2030 and our vision paves the way towards this. For over the years, ADRRN’s work has focussed around localization, accountability and innovation – the very issues currently being championed in the sector globally.
Strategic Objectives
ADRRN Strategic Objectives 2020

Continue to be a leading representative platform with increased outreach involving larger number of NGOs and local CSOs in the region.

Facilitate effective implementation of global frameworks at the national and local level, and facilitate disaster risk governance and enhance accountability.

Enhancing range of knowledge and practice on resilience.

Key Approaches
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Focal Areas
Focal Areas ADRRN