Updates from 2018 ISDR-Asia Partnership Forum


As disaster losses increase throughout Asia and the Pacific, countries in the region need to accelerate action to reduce disaster risks and achieve the goals of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.  As the CSO Stakeholder representative, ADRRN’s vision focuses on transforming Asia’s resilience, moving from the most vulnerable to the most resilient region by practicing regional and localized approaches to DRR and explore how civil societies cooperate in building a more resilient Asia.
This was a key message at the ISDR-Asia Partnership Forum, a two-day gathering of 100 delegates from 20 governments, intergovernmental organizations, stakeholder groups, the United Nations and international organizations, organized by UNISDR Asia Pacific Office. 
Click here to read more on bringing DRR to the local-level in Asia and the Pacific.

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