Preventing Statelessness and Mitigating the Impact of Statelessness on the Life of Affected Individuals


Description: Statelessness is in itself a humanitarian challenge and leads to further human rights violations. While UNHCR is mandated to prevent statelessness and protect stateless persons, NGOs are essential for identifying affected population groups, providing basic services, assisting with strategic litigation, raising awareness, and engaging in policy advocacy with governments in order to find solutions for the affected persons.

The webinar explores whether and how the cooperation between UNHCR and NGOs in the named areas of humanitarian engagement can be strengthened, and thus become more effective in addressing root causes and providing protection. Expected output: Strengthen cooperation on statelessness between UNHCR and NGOs, as well as among NGOs.

Date/time: December 14th 2020, 15:00-16:30 BKK time

Registration: not required, please participate with a link below:

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