CSO Consultation and Inputs for 2020 APMCDRR


ADRRN will continue to convene the civil society engagement for the APMCDRR, with increased outreach along with GNDR, ICVA, national NGO networks, other NGOs and local CSOs in the region. This includes carrying out dialogue, resulting in effective mechanisms, modalities for collaboration with national networks in place in all the countries in the region.
For APMCDRR 2020, ADRRN has launched its campaign – Let’s Make the Decade Count, to support accelerating initiatives towards 2030. This campaign is designed to look into current and future modalities that support civil societies in making Asia as the most resilient region by 2030.
In the preparation towards this year’s APMCDRR, we encourage ADRRN members, partners and other CSOs to support our planned activities for the event. We look forward to receive inputs and suggestions in the process leading to Brisbane and beyond.
Please follow this link to a questionnaire that you can help fill in for ADRRN to further facilitate engagement and participation opportunities for 2020 APMCDRR.
We look forward to receive your feedbacks and inputs. Thank you.

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