COVID-19 Rise in India


The recent surge in COVID-19 cases in India is a grave matter of concern – it has been extensively reported that the country’s healthcare system is struggling to cope with the high number of cases and medical oxygen supplies appear to be very scarce, with medical institutions appealing for donations and individuals taking to social media platforms to procure medical oxygen for ill family members. It is evident that all members of society in India are facing an extremely difficult situation which requires a collective, multi-sectoral effort in order to ameliorate the crisis.
ADRRN, through our member NGOs working within the country are extending assistance and support to the government and people of India – for one, Humanitarian Aid International (HAI) has been assisting vulnerable communities such as daily wage labourers, migrant workers and refugees through provision of dry-ration support, personal hygiene support and other health-focused resources. SEEDS India on the other hand has also been actively involved in a mass vaccination campaign, working alongside local governments to assist hard-to-reach populations in getting their vaccinations. 
In light of the limited medical oxygen supplies, SEEDS India has also established a national toll-free helpline to support citizens in meeting their needs with one-on-one support. Their teams are preparing a database of verified suppliers and medical practitioners available to provide such services.
Their work would not be possible without the support from members of the public, regardless of where you are from. Your donations greatly facilitate their efforts to lessen the burden of not only the most vulnerable communities, but also of the government of India.
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