Central Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami – Update 3


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The official death toll has risen to 1,203 but thousands more are feared dead as aid workers continue to struggle to reach the worst hit areas of Donggala and the Balaroa region. Displaced person has also risen to 48,025. Electricity is still down in the affected region, hampering rescue efforts, and there is a major shortage of fuel. Flights to Palu are being suspended as thousands of people have tried to flee Palu via the city’s airport. The Central Sulawesi administration declared a 14-days state of emergency.
To stave off the spread of disease, mass graves are being dug, filling it with hundreds of bodies in bags. The strong quake caused liquefaction, where water-filled soil loses its strength and collapses. It is estimated that there are still hundreds and even thousands of people are buried in debris. BNPB has strongly stated that humanitarian partners should make concrete and written offers first.
Humanitarian partners are encourage to use ASEAN’s SASOP Form Offer of Assistance.

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