Building Community-Centered Innovation Ecosystem – How COVID-19 Affecting Our Practice on the Ground?


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Since 2017, ADRRN have been working with the members on community-centered innovation to ultimately realize sustainable resilience in the region. While COVID-19 pandemic has caused great restriction on the activities and communication of the actors in the ecosystem, local innovators, their partners, and our members are now trying alternative ways to maintain the partnership under the new normal.
This webinar will unfold complex partnership relations in the innovation ecosystem by drawing on concrete case examples from Philippines, India, and Indonesia, and discuss how COVID-19 pandemic made the relations more complicated, with some positive changes as well.  The speakers will also explore the ways that they can better adapt to the new normal by advancing the existing partnership and forming new partnership.
Host organization: CWS Japan
Expected output:
The webinar aims to provide an opportunity to better understand local innovation ecosystem, and highlight the importance of adapting to dynamism with ecosystem-building.
Date and time: 3 December 2020, 16:00 (Japan time) / 14:00 (Bangkok time)

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