Appeal to Support the Nepalese Government’s Efforts to Save Lives of People and Health Professionals in Response to the Second Wave of Covid-19 Outbreak in Nepal


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Despite several uncertainties that exist in Nepal and limited resources available in the country, the role played by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health, public and private sector hospitals, and health workers, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Nepal Army, CBOs/NGOs/INGOs, private sectors, volunteer groups to save the public life is commendable. However, due to changing form of Virus followed by the social and economic complexities of Nepali society; COVID-19 second wave may bring catastrophic results in public life as all health facilities across the country will be unable to function due to a number of factors.
Considering the present crisis and need of the country, the Disaster Preparedness Network- Nepal (DPNet-Nepal) is focusing on lifesaving efforts for which DPNet requests all the concerned individuals and agencies to come up with their humanitarian heart aiming at to reduce the morbidity and mortality being induced by the COVID-19. Please use the following account details to transfer your humanitarian support in cash.
Name of Bank: Nepal Bangladesh
Bank Account #: 001252221s
Account holder’s name: DPNet Nepal
Branch: Kamaladi
Note: For the medium and long-term intervention, please contact DPNet – they can be reached out via email as follows:
1. Mr. Surya Bahadru Thapa, Chairperson, DPNet Nepal (
2. Dr. Raju Thapa, General Secretary, DPNet Nepal (
3. Mr. Bimal Gadal, Team Leader and Technical Advisor (

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