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ADRRN will continue to be a leading representative platform with increased outreach involving large number of NGOs and local CSOs in the region. This includes the creation of effective mechanisms, modalities and partnerships in place in all the countries where ADRRN members are present to work with national and local networks.
For APMCDRR 2020, ADRRN has launched its campaign – Let’s Make the Decade Count, to support accelerating initiatives towards 2030. This campaign is designed to look into current and future modalities that support civil societies in making Asia as the most resilient region by 2030.
To support this campaign, a number of consultations and events will be hosted by ADRRN. This include:
1. Local leaders’ consultation and publication on local action and leadership
2. Consultation for the drafting of the Civil Society Group Statement
3. Participation in the Inclusion Reference Group to progress and provide technical input to the development of concepts, sessions and events at APMCDRR 2020.
4. Co-hosting the Humanitarian – DRR Nexus Session
5. Participation in other events, which include Spotlight Events, Partner Events, Ignite Stage and Marketplace.
Check out this space for more updates.

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