ADRRN's Thematic Hubs
In order to accelerate the implementation of its 2020 Strategies, ADRRN’s Executive Committee members have committed to the creation of ADRRN's Thematic Hubs. The Thematic Hubs of ADRRN are a set of key focal points who will promote, plan, and implement specific theme for ADRRN's strategic interest.
The Thematic Hubs will identify various opportunities for ADRRN in the theme they are in charge, and to lead in implementation of the plans.
Disaster Preparedness Hub
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kathmandu, Nepal

Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network is a network consists of 51 national and international NGOs from more than 20 countries across the Asia-Pacific region. With a strong footprint in the region, the network members are constantly engaged with local communities strengthening their ability to combat disasters, providing humanitarian aid like food, water, shelter and health care, protecting critical facilities like schools and hospitals, creating awareness, advocating for policy changes and improving the capacity of community based organizations.

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