STARS Foundation Pakistan – Empowering Communities for Improved Resilience Against Disasters


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Sustainable Development And Response (STAR) Foundation is implementing a project of DRR and CCA in the project area of Chattar No. 2 district Bagh. The main objective of this project is to development of a sense of awareness among the vulnerable communities to increase the resilience against any future disaster they can face. The target communities are situating under the disaster prone areas and faced disasters of earthquake, flash flood and wind storm in the past. STAR Foundation under the captioned project implemented the activities related with communities to preparedness, response and mitigates emergency risks.

In this respect, plantation activity of various species like eucalyptus and kiker were carried out in the month of February 2019. District Forest Office Bagh coordinated with STAR Foundation and provided 1000 plants for mitigating the risk of soil erosion as well as encourage the local communities for taking care of the environment as well. District Forest Officer lead the activity, conducted orientation sessions with local communities and students. This initiative is also addressing the need of creating awareness and sense of taking care of local environment and climate change effects. With the support and coordination of STAR Foundation, the DFO also developed local action plan of adaptation (LAPA) with the local communities in Chattar No. 2. Another important feature of this activity was active involvement of students and youth of the local communities.

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