Sarvodaya’s COVID-19 Response Situational Report and Public Funding Appeal


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In overcoming Sri Lanka’s public health challenges posed by COVID-19, different measures have been introduced especially limiting the mobility of people by imposing lockdowns and curfew. It is probable that community transmission is coming into realization at different layers and that precautionary actions need to be in place to prevent further transmission of the virus.
Sarvodaya commend the hard work of the National Health Services, the law enforcement agencies and other bodies trying their best to contain the situation amidst various resource and technical limitations. The Civil Society and Community Based Organisations have conducted many efforts to promote public awareness as well as providing necessary gear and food relief to the most vulnerable and are highly commendable.
Sarvodaya is providing situational updates of our internal and external responses to the COVID- 19 pandemic in Sri Lanka. We welcome suggestions, proposals, constructive collaborations and partnerships to rise together in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak. Apart from our own community networks, we currently work with a significant number of Civil Society Organisations, Youth Groups and Professionals in planning out these vital actions. Please do not hesitate to connect with us for more information, clarifications and collaborations.

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