RedR India COVID-19 Responses in India


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RedR India’s team and members have been provisioning technical support, surge deployments and capacity building support, along with supporting CSOs and government actors with knowhow on emergency management.
1. Deployment of members to support district and state administration in Kolhapur and Sangli (Maharashtra), Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
2. Facilitation of online and distance training for all Front Line Functionaries (Panchayats/AWWs/Teachers/Swacchagrahis/Jal Surakshaks) for enhancing their preparedness, response and containment knowledge and skills in Kolhapur and Sangli districts of Maharashtra (35,000 FLWs trained in 15 days). We expect this to now extend to Gujarat and Bihar.
3. Technical Support for development of SOP for State Integrated Command and Control Centre in Uttar Pradesh.
4. Capacity Building and Technical Support to CSOs in Maharasthra, Gujarat and Kerala along with consultations and advisory to CSRs and Foundations.
RedR India’s team is working towards extending and expanding the support provided and actively considering innovations and newer approaches towards provisioning and ensuring technical support and capacity building to frontline actors. Emergent and Key Plans include the following:
1. Publication of Learning Needs Assessment Survey Report followed by development of online and distance learning modules for frontline actors and personnel of CSOs/Foundations.
2. Partnerships with Disaster Management Authorities, Line Departments and CSOs with Unicef India to provide capacity building support for government frontline functionaries and technical solutions and guidance for camp management, distribution and Covid19 response.
3. Multi Hazard Disaster Management to inform and adapt technical guidelines and SOPs for flood, drought, cyclone (and other geography specific risks) preparedness in the context of Covid19.
4. Deployments with State Disaster Management Authorities, District and Municipal Administrations to support information management, inter-departmental coordination, predictive planning for restoration and recovery, Covid19 surge planning and disaster preparedness for hazard risks.
5. Study/Research and Technical Support in partnership with academia/private sector/foundations/CSOs to inform gaps, recommended actions and policies to strengthen capabilities and resources for Covid19 response and action.

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