Muslim Foundation for Culture and Development (MFCD) – Workshop on Emergency Response Preparedness for Volunteer Training on DRR


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MFCD conducted a workshop on Emergency Response Preparedness for volunteer training on DRR. MFCD’s president, Mr. M. Hanan elaborated the concept of DRR and its process of reconstruction, recovery, response, preparedness and risk reduction.
Mr. Ashraff Hussain (National Relief Services Development Officer, Ministry of Disaster Management, Divisional Secretariat , Valaichenai) underscored the importance of “Communication with government institutions during disaster”, while Mr. M.R.M.Rilwan (Firefighter – Ports Fire Brigade , Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Colombo) outlined the “ Fire Rescue Management” and its safety features.
One hundred volunteers from Eastern province of Sri Lanka attended this program.

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