MFCD Sri Lanka COVID-19 Responses in Sri Lanka


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COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the crisis embedded in Sri Lanka’s economic and social structures. The need for physical distancing, to mitigate health risks, has brought socio-economic activities to an abrupt halt. A majority of working people has been forced to stay away from work. Millions of workers in the informal sector of our economy, which is about 68% of the Sri Lankan workforce, lost wages and incomes crucial to sustaining their lives during periods of curfew.
The curfews and other restrictions imposed by the government to restrict movements and limit human interactions has also reduced economic activity and this has adversely affected the daily wage earners due to limited mobility and the lack of work.
As a result, most people impacted by lockdown, have been struggling more than ever, to survive without any means of sustenance. Most the low-income families are struggling to put enough food on the table and in dire straits.
MFCD Sri Lanka’s two kind of responses:
Health Emergency Response
Healthcare persons are in the frontlines and act as the first respondents who are directly involved in patient’s care. To express the solidarity with Healthcare personnel, MFCD has contributed to District Secretariat and DS Offices in Cash and things.
1. Donated 100 Mosquito Nets to Gampaha District Secretariat, to utilize for Quarantine Centres
2. 300 Face Masks to Colombo DS office
3. Assistance to DS offices (Colombo DS, Kandy DS, Kaluthara DS, and Kurunegala DS)
Socio Economic Emergency Response
The families who received the dry ration hampers were specially selected from those who are very poor or have been impoverished as a result of COVID -19 restrictions.
Our donors’ support and contributions have helped us to make this possible. We sincerely thank all our benefactors for their continued support to enable us to provide the humanitarian assistance to those most in need. We hope to strengthen our relationship and work in partnership with your organization in all future endeavours.

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