Doctors For You (DFY) COVID-19 Responses in India


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COVID-19 has emerged as global pandemic affecting almost the entire globe. This has tested public health preparedness to the optimum level even in developed countries who are still struggling to deal with the situation.
In India as on 5th May 2020 there were 47396 cases of COVID-19. The COVID-19 has created fear and made us realize how bad this can turn out to be for the poorest, for those who will lose their livelihood, or those who wouldn’t know what to do to save themselves when the virus has reached someone close to them. It has also put additional strain on the already challenged healthcare system.
Ongoing approach and activities for response by Doctors For You (DFY):
1. Screening and Testing:
• Screening of suspected cases in slum areas and migrant labourers through Mobile Medical Units (MMU’s)
• Counselling of suspected cases
• Referral of symptomatic cases for testing
2. Community Level Activities:
• Community level awareness though audio awareness van
• Increase accessibility of prevention materials and ration kit distribution in selected locations
3. COVID-19 Isolation and Treatment Centre:
• Setting up and managing 100 bedded isolation and treatment center for management of COVID 19 cases at Urban Health Centre in M East Ward and H Ward of Mumbai in association with MCGM
• 50 bedded isolation and treatment center for management of COVID 19 cases at Vistex
Hospital Patna targeting rural communities in association with the District Health Society.
4. Supporting District Administration:
• DFY is helping district administration in Mumbai and Wayanad districts etc. with volunteers and HR support
5. OPD services:
• Regular routine healthcare services for slum population and rural areas of Mumbai and Patna respectively
6. Training and Capacity Building:
• Online training of Health care professionals at regular intervals on COVID-19 management and prevention
7. Support for healthcare workers:
• Providing PPE materials to hospitals for healthcare workers like body cover, mask, eye glass, gloves, shoe cover etc.

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