DiMaNN COVID-19 and Pre-Monsoon Preparedness Virtual Meeting


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DiMaNN conducted a virtual meeting on 4 May 2020 consisting of 14 participants throughout the country. Surya Thapa, chairperson of DiMaNN provided current update of unprecedented situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and its impact on normal life. Apart from that, he highlighted the responsibility of DiMaNN members on possible monsoon disaster. Also, he urged for all participants to update the problem and challenge of their local area regarding monsoon disaster and possible risk reduction initiative.
Bishnu Prasad Timilisina, general secretary of DiMaNN emphasized the attempt and success of province and local level organization during this pandemic and previous floods time. Appreciating relief distribution, planning and other task of local organization, he urged for further preparedness for upcoming monsoon disaster because every year monsoon brings disaster in Terai and other hilly areas.
Hari Prasad Sharma from Surkhet provided current update of Karnali Province regarding COVID-19, the lockdown impact on society, and planning for disaster risk reduction. Durga nanda Chaudhary from Udayapur explained how local area is working during this lockdown. Udayapur district is in Red zone of the pandemic and currently 43 female and 207 male are staying in quarantine with 14 positive cases reported. Moreover, emergency fund has been established in district for upcoming monsoon disaster and preparedness is going too.
Shanti Gajmer and LaKhan lal Shah clarified to condition of Province 1 and recent loss of Tapeljunj due to fire. Moreover, they also explained how private hospitals are neglecting the patient, not admitting and letting them to die. On the other hand Laxmi Bhattarai provided briefing about Banke District. She warned about upcoming food shortage as a result of lockdown we may likely to face so awareness on this matter is needed urgently.  Lalbahadur Oli from far western Karnali Province explained how hailstorm spoiled all seasonal crop in Achham, Khapad area, which will obviously bring negative impact to local people. Kishor Dhugana from Jumla has updated how they are actively participating in relief distribution in lockdown. Nilkhantha Acharaya from Nuwakot provides information regarding health sector and current condition.
Raju Thapa and Bal Mukunda Suwal express their valuable words regarding how we can move further in this situation. As we all facing lockdown and monsoon is stepping in our door, awareness initiatives and proper planning should be done to all levels. The lockdown is giving hard time to many people, yet we should not forget upcoming disaster due to the monsoon.

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