Coordination of Afghan Relief (CoAR) – Asset Creation and DRR Programs


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Bamyan Province is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, located in the central highlands of the country. Its terrain is mountainous or semi-mountainous and this province is more vulnerable to floods. CoAR designed the asset creation and DRR Program with financial support of WFP, in order to decrease the risk of flood and protect the agriculture land for the flood affected communities there.
This project was implemented in two phases – the first phase was implemented in three months starting from 1 October to 31 December 2017, while the second phase was implemented from April to June 2018.
The main components of first phase of project in Yakawlang and Saighan districts of Bamyan province was constructions of canal protection, retaining wall, wash culverts, canals cleaning and DRR awareness training for the flood affected communities.
And respectively in 2018, the second phase of project components in Kahmard, Yakawlang 1, Yakawlang 2 and, districts of Bamyan province were rehabilitation of 102 kilometers of roads, canals cleaning, constructions of retaining wall, construction of two wash culvert and five culverts and DRR awareness training for the flood affected communities.
Total numbers of beneficiaries of the two-phase project were 3897 people, consisting of 3507men and 390 women. After the completion of the two phases of asset creation and DRR project following significant positive changes noticed in the status and livelihood of 3897 vulnerable people:
  1. Provided food for 3897 people in these six months.
  2. Reopened and cleaned blocked canals, which were blocked for many years, which resulted in devastation of agriculture lands.
  3. Provided water to the agricultural lands.
  4. Protected many lands and houses from the flooding.
  5. 3897 project beneficiaries were trained in DRR.

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