Consultation meeting with People Affected by the Disasters organized by the National Disaster Management Network Nepal (DiMaNN) and SDGs National Network Nepal


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Consultation Meeting with People Affected by the Disasters
Consultation meeting with People Affected by the Disasters was organized by the National Disaster Management Network Nepal (DiMaNN) and SDGs National Network Nepal on 16 July, 2021 through virtual meetings for post Voluntary National Review (VNR) of SDGs Nepal. The program main objective was to listen and know about the concern, issues, problems and implementation of the SDG in context of disaster affected people at local, province and national level. 
The program was chaired and facilitated by Surya Bahadur Thapa, the Chairperson of the DiMaNN. Daya Sagar Shrestha, Secretary of DiMaNN as well Coordinator of SDGs Network Nepal, talked about the SDGs in relation to Disaster Risk Reduction. Advocate Bishnu Prasad Timilsina, General secretary of DiMaNN highlighted about the policies, plans in relation to disaster affected people and issues. Participants all together 51 had joined from Terai, Hill and Mountain region of the country for the program who were affected by disaster every year. There was open discussion for the disaster affected people for stating their voice in the program.
Major issues highlighted in the program
The major issue highlighted in the program were localization of DRR policies, plans, capacity building and awareness regarding SDG and DRR in disaster affected areas. Disaster affected people were not involved during the time of policy and plan formation and even in Disaster Management Committee at all level. Until and unless disaster affected people are not involved in the policy, plan formation anticipated result can’t be expected in Disaster Risk Reduction. At this moment we have different policies, plan, guidelines and strategic plan at different level but it is not properly implemented in the field. There are disaster management funds in all level of the government but they are more focused in the response and relief of the disaster affected people rather than DRR and preparedness which is major problem creating disaster again and again.  
Every year many people have to suffer from the different types of disaster and huge socio-economic losses has to be bear but government are not giving importance for socio- economic part in DRR. Therefore, representation of the disaster affected people should be in the disaster management committee along with the involvement in the formulation of plans and policies. Disaster management funds should be used efficiently giving importance for the DRR and preparedness. There are many people who are forced to live-in disaster-prone areas due to many reasons like poverty, and no safer land for settlement which is one major challenge of today.
The program started with the explanatory way giving information of SDGs, policies and plans regarding the disaster affected people. The participants kept their voice and issues in the open discussion regarding their learnings, experience and problems due to disaster. The discussion focused more on giving importance for disaster affected people in the disaster management committee and policy formation. It also highlighted the need of awareness regarding the SGDs and DRR outside the valley. 
The advocacy and lobbing for the safer place for people living in disaster prone area should be given importance. Capacity building of disaster affected people should be done with help of different programs and trainings through government, INGO and NGOs. At last, the participants recommended to conduct such interactive discussion for raising the voice of disaster affected people in regular basis at all level.

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