Community Initiative Society – Sustainable Disaster Management Network to Coordinate Private Sector, Civil Society and Local Government


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Establish Sustainable Disaster Management Network to Co-Ordinate Private Sector, Civil Society and Local Government as well as to Buildup Capacity for Integrated Disaster Preparedness and Reduction in Bangladesh (A-PAD Bangladesh National Platform [NPF])
Bangladesh is a developing country with highest density of population with most dynamic, resourceful and disaster prone areas in the world. For the geographical reason this country is affect by many kinds of disaster like cyclone, tornado, flood, extreme heat during the summer, sudden heavy rain fall, building collapse and industrial safety hazards. At present, the government of Bangladesh establishes a lot of institutional mechanism for disaster management with stakeholders, NGOs and other support but the institutional weakness, overlapping responsibilities and lack of proper management policies cannot achieve the goal. CIS & A-PAD Bangladesh National Platform (NPF) with coordination between the Government/local- governments, NGOs and civil society organizations for Disaster Risk Reduction for disaster, management. NPF will help in collective decision-making in planning, in resource sharing and implementing disaster management policies more efficiently.
For the first year NPF selected four divisions Sylhet, Barisal, Khulna and Chittagong and establish an office for co ordination centre. According to the project activities and schedule CIS with the help of training expert preparing the training and workshop materials such as manual, module and leaflet. In this regards CIS has a contract with the experienced disaster preparedness training experts. To improve capacity for disaster response, public health and emergency medical care.
Training Workshop for School Teacher and Government Official at Union Level
Up to December 2018 Totally 700 participants from different organizations, Schools and Government officials of Habiganj, Bagerhat, Potuakhali and Cox’s Bazar attended this training workshop. The main objective of this training workshop was to improve the capacity on disaster response such as flood, river erosion, cyclone, earthquake and thunderstorm. Through the workshop, it was found that the vulnerable to various kind of disasters. The expected outcome will be the circulation of information on protecting from thunderstorm and preparedness for flood response within the community. All the participants responded this workshop very positively and wish to establish a national platform on disaster response.
Training Workshop for Medical Personnel, Private Organizations and Stakeholders
The main focus of this training workshop was on build up the capacity on emergency health response during and after disaster. Totally 100 participants from different organizations like NGOs and Private Organizations, government health workers at the union level attended this training workshop. The discussions centered in the typical problems after floods, such as diarrhea and skin diseases in Bargerhat, Habiganj, Cox’s Bazar and Potuakhali Community. Counter actions were discussed among the participants. Medical first aid information was introduced by the trainers and brought up the knowledge level of participants especially in special needs in disaster situation, such as handling a greater number of people with limited time and equipment.
Action Plan Meeting (Strategic Planning Meeting)
In these meetings local community, different NGOs and Private organizations, local government agencies officials, union chairpersons and ward members at the union/ upazila/ district levels were attended. The main topic was one-year-round preparation for disasters and strategic counter-actions well in advance. Union (elected) representatives attended the meeting made commitments to discuss the prepared plan with the local government officials for implementation.
CIS & A-Pad Bangladesh are going to organize International Symposium on Community Involvement in Sustainable Disaster Preparedness with Emergency Health Care Perspective to establish a formal network with nationally and internationally.

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