Community Development Association (CDA) COVID-19 Responses in Myanmar

Community Development Association (CDA) is actively working on COVID-19 responses in collaboration with the Department of Disaster Management and Township Health Offices of Ministry of Health and Sport in Myanmar.
Partner agencies working together with CDA include Partner with People In Need/ LIFT, Letter- Day Saint Charities (LDSC), Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Program Facility (HARP-F) and UNICEF. Total coverage areas include:
1. Shwepyi Thar Township, Yangon, Myanmar (Partner with People In Need/ LIFT ). Coverage areas: 8 Wards, 34000 populations and 8000 household, emphasizing on migrant workers.
2. Responses in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Sport in Ayeyarwaddy and Yangon regional, partnering with LDSC. Coverage areas include 2 hospitals, 6 townships, 8 wards, and 44 community based facility quarantine stations.
3. Five townships in Hinthada District, Ayeyarwaddy Region, partnering with HARP-F, covering 5 townships, supporting 790 suspected people in 40 Community Based Facilities Quarantine (CBFQ).