COAST COVID-19 Response


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To speed up the government’s response on COVID-19, COAST Trust has taken a variety of awareness programs. It believes that the health of everyone cannot be ensured by keeping only the employees of the organization healthy, therefore, it has taken initiative to make every member aware of its working areas. The program is in several stages. For example, forcing staff to create awareness and take protective measures by issuing circular, making awareness videos, displaying and posting on Facebook, regularly guiding staff through video conferencing, creating development material and distributing leaflets, regular discussions, and home visits to create awareness among members. Follow-up will continue.
COAST has already completed most of the work to properly perform these activities. Awareness building work will continue for more weeks. Four and a half lakh leaflets have already been distributed to all families, schools, colleges, madrasas, religious institutions in Bhola and Island, Barishal, Noakhali, Chattagram, Cox’s Bazar areas.

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