Action towards a carbon neutral ecosystem by HOPE Worldwide


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HOPE Worldwide (Humanitarian Organization for Poverty Eradication) has contributed a great deal towards helping create awareness and take action in regards to climate change.

Throughout the current financial year, HOPE has conducted 4 workshops in New Zealand to create awareness along with training community leaders in New Zealand, Pakistan and Thailand for them to better educate in matters of carbon reduction. These workshops aimed to motivate families to use public transport and cycling more often to reduce carbon emission along with using compost to reduce landfill waste.

Under HOPE’s Sustainable Solutions programme, a tree plantation drive was organized in New Zealand keeping in line with New Zealand’s Zero Carbon amendment to the Climate Change Response Act in 2019. Additionally, in order to inculcate the principles of recycling within the community, HOPE partnered with manufacturing companies to educate people about the importance of reuse and reducing waste. They also procured unwanted furniture, recycled it for reuse and donated it to low-income families. These activities have inspired the community to practice such waste management processes themselves.

To acknowledge the importance of marine ecosystems, HOPE collaborated with Kia Ika Project to encourage reduction of marine trash. The otherwise wasted fish head and filet were taken from fishing companies and given to families for food. This significantly helped in reducing the fish waste in landfills.

HOPE also promoted the use of environmentally sound products by distributing eco-friendly bags, using environmentally friendly packaging to provide meals to COVID-19 affected families, as well as training people to make eco-friendly soaps.

Particularly, HOPE Worldwide-Pakistan conducted an educational workshop on environment and tree plantation at a school in Quetta, Balochistan. Mr. Naeem Abbas, Mr. Suneel Sadiq and Jamil Sadiq were responsible for conducting this session where Mr. Naeem Abbas spoke to the students about tree plantation and environmental conservation. He educated the children about issues like global warming, ozone depletion and pollution, promoting the importance of having a large coverage of trees.

The school children showed most interest in issues like cleanliness of streets and food waste. Volunteers planted more than 150 trees at Union Council Bheddi. Thus, spreading the message of HOPE and helping environmental preservation.

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