ALLOHA - School Disaster Risk Management with Focus on IDPs Training


Herat Province, Afghanistan



Considering the current drought issue that affected provinces are facing and due to the high number of the IDPs, challenges and problems alike such as limited information on DRR and environmental issues at community as well as at school level, low capacity, poverty, events of various disasters, high vulnerability of the communities and more, the Asian Local Leaders Organization for Humanitarian (ALLOHA), with support from World Vision International provided assistance to develop comprehensive workshop on School Disaster Risk Management with Focus on IDPs Training for the staffs of the Department of Education.


Learning outcomes of the project are:

  1. Participants should be able to demonstrate the basic knowledge of Disaster Risk Reduction.

  2. Participants should be able to analyzed disaster profile of their community and school.

  3. Participant should be able to design the school disaster management plan and should be able to implement and disclose it in practical manner.


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