ADRRN's goal is to serve as a focal point of the growing movement for voluntary action, a movement with broad and heterogeneous participation of people throughout Asia and the Pacific. ADRRN supports the efforts of non-governmental organisations in general, and member agencies in particular, to promote effective disaster reduction and response activities in the Asia and Pacific region. In doing so, ADRRN recognises that popular people's participation in the process of development is key to achieving social justice, self-reliance and sustainable development.

ADRRN reflects its members' commitment to upholding the dignity of all peoples, to eradicating poverty, and to developing the potential of every human being. ADRRN members affirm and work to protect the civil and democratic rights of all peoples, as well as their right to adequate food, shelter, health care and education. Members work to protect the environment and to encourage responsible stewardship of natural resources. Together and individually, members also embark on programs that aim to prevent, mitigate and reduce future disasters.

Non-governmental – including civil society organizations – offer immense potential to motivate and involve individuals to mobilise resources and to represent humanitarian perspectives in meeting human needs. The efforts of NGOs contribute to the achievement of justice and peace throughout the world.

ADRRN brings together NGOs from the Asia and Pacific region, in particular, organizations working in the areas of disaster reduction and response. The Network is committed to equity of participation and partnership of all members. ADRRN is non-partisan and strives to eliminate discrimination of all kinds.

ADRRN supports the autonomy and work of NGOs in influencing national and international policies, protecting refugees and displaced peoples, providing for relief and rehabilitation, fostering sustainable development, and in representing independent humanitarian views to peoples, governments, and intergovernmental organisations.
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