Australia, through AusAID, has had a long engagement in disaster management, mitigation and preparedness, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Australian Government has engaged in broad range of disaster risk reduction activities at the regional, bilateral and community level in over 30 countries. Including
Strengthening international leadership and collaboration-support for the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR)’s Asia-Pacific program and the World Bank Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery that is focused on mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in developing countries.
Funding key regional initiatives, such as the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network, IFRC, relevant South Pacific regional organization and the ASEAN Secretariat.
Strengthening partner government agencies, including national disaster management offices to prepare for and mitigate disasters and technical agencies to map risks.
Supporting community based activities, such as preparedness programs to improve response and recovery, to protect against the loss of livelihood and mitigate potential hazards.
ADRRN is grateful to AusAID for the support extended to implement several disaster risk reduction activities and promote networks and linkages between organizations working at the community level in the Asia –Pacific region.
Investing In a Safer Future: A Disaster Risk Reduction policy for Australian Aid Program
ADRRN is also grateful to United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Office( UN OCHA) for its continuous support right from its inception in 2002.

The recent experience of major disasters in Asia and the Pacific region , and the increasing number of humanitarian actors cleraly spell the need to escalate not only response and coordination but preparedness for response and risk reduction. This is where local NGOs and civil society actors can play a major role and itis my hope that ADRRN will be the vanguard for all local NGOs to learn from on the importance of networking and sharing of resources as well as capacity building.
Terje Skavadal
Head, UN OCHA Bangkok, Thailand
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