‘How big is the humanitarian sector?’ is a question that is probably of most interest to those who work in it.  But it has been a question to which it has been very hard to get a definitive answer.  And if you are involved in the disaster business at all – as a worker, a donor or even as a beneficiary – it’s something that would be at least ‘nice to know’.  
Asia-Pacific is the world’s most natural disaster prone region. 2 Between 2000 and 2008, 40 percent of registered disaster events occurred in the region. Available data suggests that over 98 percent of people killed by natural disasters worldwide in 2008 were in the Asia-Pacific region.
If only Sri Lanka last year could have got a tenth of the media attention Haiti's now getting", lamented my friend who was working in Colombo at the time, "the public pressure might have saved so many lives." While no one would ever argue with the amount of press Haiti is deservedly receiving right now, it's easy to see his point.
ESCAP, ADB and UNDP joint Report calls for strengthening social protection MANILA (UN ESCAP Information Services) – A joint report by the United Nations and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) warns that the global economic crisis could trap an additional 21 million people in the Asia-Pacific region in extreme poverty, living on less than $1.25 a day.
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