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Welcome to the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN).

Our main aim is to promote coordination, information sharing and collaboration among NGOs and other stakeholders for effective and efficient disaster reduction and response in the Asia-Pacific region.

Asia, the most disaster prone continent in the world experienced more than half of the world's major disasters in the last half century. As a result, economies and the very fabric of human societies are affected, lives are lost and nations continue to struggle in a bid to recover.

Alarmingly, these disasters are on a rising trend as a result of many factors including global climate change, rapid and unplanned urbanization, environmental degradation and depletion of water resources. As a result, there is a feverish intensification of initiatives to address disaster reduction, response and the development of total disaster risk management.

Multilevel networking and collaborations have increased among stakeholders of whom NGOs feature prominently apart from governments and international organizations. NGOs play an undeniably critical role - their actions range between humanitarian aid to disaster preparedness to recovery and rehabilitation.

The Asian Disaster Reduction & Response Network (ADRRN) is a network consists of 34 national NGOs from 16 countries across the Asia-Pacific region. With a strong footprint in the region, the network members are constantly engaged with local communities strengthening their ability to combat disasters, providing humanitarian aid like food, water, shelter and health care, protecting critical facilities like schools and hospitals, creating awareness, advocating for policy changes and improving the capacity of community based organizations. The secretariat is based out of kuala lumpur, Malaysia.

Disaster Management Solutions@ ADRRN
Disaster Management Mitigation @ ADRRN
Disaster Management Solutions@ ADRRN
“Safe community environments and disaster resilient societies"
Disaster Management Mitigation @ ADRRN
"Promote coordination and collaboration among NGOs and other stakeholders for effective and efficient disaster reduction and response in the Asia-Pacific region"
Disaster Management Solutions@ ADRRN
To develop an interactive network of NGOs committed to achieving excellence in the field of disaster reduction and response.

To raise the relevant concerns of NGOs in the Asia-Pacific region to the larger community of NGOs globally, through various international forums and platforms

To promote best practices and standards in disaster reduction and response

To provide a mechanism for sharing reliable information and facilitating capacity building among network members and other stakeholders.
  Disaster Management Mitigation@ ADRRN  
  Disaster Management Mitigation@ ADRRN  
  Disaster Management Mitigation@ ADRRN  
Member of ADRRN- Disaster Management Mitigation
Oliver Lacey Hall

Head, UN-OCHA Regional Office of Asia-Pacific
Bangkok, Thailand
Member of ADRRN Disaster Management Mitigation
Rajib Shaw

Associate Professor
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
Member of ADRRN- Disaster Management Mitigation Zenaida Delica Willison

Advisor, South-South Cooperation on Disaster Risk Reduction, Regional Centre, UNDP, Asia and the Pacific
Jemillah Mehmood

Advisor for gender issues in DRR and humanatarian response
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Disaster Management Mitigation @ ADRRN
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