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Safe Coasts Safe Community Campaign in Asia
The recurrent floods in Pakistan as well as the tremendous impacts of frequency of cyclones in south eastern Asia have pointed out the special vulnerability of coastal zones, their inhabitants, economics, and ecological systems. These events are far from being singular. Rather, an increase in damages caused by natural disasters in coastal zones is clearly noticeable. In many areas an increasing socio-economic..

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Living on the Edge
Across the Asia-Pacific region, incidences of erratic rainfall and other extreme weather events are on the rise. The growing uncertainty means increasingly unpredictable lives for at-risk communities. However, few identify the causes as 'climate change'. So how do we begin to understand the problem? Living on the Edge presents scenarios from 14 countries. It details geographic vulnerabilities and by-products of inadequate disaster preparedness and adaptation.Let's act now before the changes become irreversible!

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